Embrace The Curl: 5 Curly Hairstyles

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Love Your Curls: 5 Styles To Try

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2018 was the year of embracing natural curls. It was a movement, in fact. If you have curly hair, it was a big relief. Finally, you could let your hair down and give your flat iron a much-needed rest. 

If you’re naturally curly, you know the struggle of trying to fry your hair straight. That goes especially for women with thick, coarse, or unruly hair. Silky straight hair was at the forefront of fashion for years, so much so that many curly-haired ladies started to hate their natural hair. 

It takes a lot of effort to make curly hair straight. Not to mention major damage. Breakage, split ends, and a bit of humidity was enough to cause despair.

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Last year, that all changed and the trend continues in 2019. With the hair industry and beauty bloggers embracing natural hair, women the world over have fallen back in love with their curls.

Here are five of the curly hairstyles that inspired envy from our straight-haired friends all year:

Natural and Loose Waves

Image: instagram.com/@sarahanguis

This look is seriously romantic. Flowing waves and easygoing styling celebrated every bend, kink, and curl of natural hair. The embrace of imperfection was a welcome relief. We realised not every single hair needs to be perfectly in place to look beautiful. This effortless, chic look embodies something between so-called “French girl hair” and the beach waves of SoCal. If you have straight locks, you can achieve this look with day-old hair, a wide-barrel curling wand, and some sea salt spray for texture. If you’re naturally wavy, clap for all that time you’ll save getting ready in the a.m.!

Our tip: Nothing ruins flowing waves and curls more than those pesky flyaways!  Somerfield to the rescue - simply use our protein booster on the ends of your hair and the flyaways to boost the moisture on the ends and tame flyaways - problem solved!

Tight Ringlets

Image: Instagram.com/@emeliebattah

Known as the most difficult to manage hair type, super tight curls and kinky hair is the hardest to straighten. This hair type tends to have a coarser texture and stubborn curl pattern, making it difficult to manipulate. Luckily, tight curls finally had their moment to shine this past year. To keep curls springy, invest in a good leave-in conditioner and quality curl-control products. And of course, avoid brushing dry curls. It breaks up those beautiful ringlets. If you have straight, silky hair, this look can be difficult to achieve. Your best bet is a 3/4 inch barrel curling iron and plenty of strong-hold hairsprays. Salons also offer wand curls and spiral curls if you’d rather leave it to the pros. We (shock!) even hear perms may be making a comeback! 

Our tip: Ringlets LOVE moisture - the more, the better.  To drench your hair with moisture and help repair any damage from ironing your hair, try the Somerfield Hair Mask Cap for natural hair - packed with more than 21 natural ingredients to protect and nourish your hair, we promise your curls will thank you

Mega Volume Curls

With curls come naturally voluminous hair. The hair industry turned the volume all the way up this year. Big hair stole the show and curls were lifted to new heights. If you’re straight-haired, backcombing (aka teasing) with a rat-tail comb can help you achieve volume. To get even more lift, try a root-lifting spray. If you want to add volume to limp hair, thickening products are the way to go. Garnier Fructis Mega Full Thickening Lotion is a good bet. 

Our tip: We're sorry our straight-hair friends, this is a hard style to achieve unless you have natural curl and/or ringlets.  Natural curls?  Tip your head over and tease your curls as they dry for maximum height and volume. 

Controlled Curls

Image: Pinterest.com

Whether your hair is wavy or straight, another style getting major attention this year is sleek, defined curls. This style requires a polished finish and loads of shine. Retro pin curls and red carpet waves made a major comeback with glamorous styling that turned heads. The look is so elegant, reminding us of the 1920s and Great Gatsby with a modern feel. For extra shine, try a clarifying shampoo to remove old product buildup or an apple cider vinegar hair mask. A gloss-enhancing serum or spray takes shine to the next level. This glam style is perfect for special occasions. If you have naturally curly hair, your texture is perfect for getting this look to hold all day long. 

Our tip: Moisture, nourishment, repair, rinse and repeat.  For best results, you can't look past the Somerfield 30 Day Restore Bundle to repair, restore and nourish those beautiful curls each and every day. 

So, now is really the time to embrace and love your curls.  No matter which style you choose to go for, remember that curls require a bit more love than straight hair, here's a couple of tips to remember to keep your tresses in tip-top condition: 

Say Yes To: 

  1. Regular salon visits - a trim to tame split ends and help keep the frizz at bay.  We recommend a trim every 6-8 weeks.
  2. Conditioner (and lots of it!) - conditioner is your best friend.  We recommend conditioning your hair in the shower even if you even if you haven't shampooed your hair.
  3. Hair masks -  an intensive hair mask will quench the thirst of your curls.  We recommend our hair mask cap which uses heat technology to treat every cell of your hair.
  4. Leave-in conditioner - if your ends are dry use your fingertips to blend through the ends of your curls.  Somerfield Protein Booster is perfect for this.

Say No To:

  1. Brushing your hair - when detangling we recommend using a wide-tooth comb. 
  2. Frequent shampooing - shampooing too often can stretch and stress out fragile strands, and dry out thirsty curls.  We recommend shampooing with a good quality, gentle shampoo once every few days (once a week is perfect!). 
  3. Rubbing - rubbing your hair dry will open your pores and increase the risk of frizz.  We recommend gently squeezing water out of your curls fresh from the shower. 

It’s easier than ever to embrace curls, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 


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