How-To Achieve Five Classic Makeup Looks

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Look One: Bronzed Beauty 

At Somerfield Beauty we LOVE being outside and a good day at the beach, so it’s no surprise a bronze, sun-kissed look is one of our favorites! While we may not be always able to spend our days by the sea, a gorgeous, bronzed look is one anyone can rock all year round!


How to get a bronzed, sun-kissed look:

  1. If your skin is looking paler than Casper, then you can always “fake it, not bake it”, with a little bit of fake tan. If it’s the middle of winter though, make sure you don’t go too overboard with this step!
  2. Once you’ve applied your foundation or powder, use a bronzer to add warmth to your face. One of the best ways to apply is via a three shape on your face - starting from the middle of your forehead, sweeping downwards along the side of your face, coming in under the cheekbone and then back down the side of your face again and finishing with a light sweep along your jawline.
  3. To keep this look as natural as possible, use brown and neutral tones (if any) for the eyes with a light coat of mascara.
  4. For natural looking brows, simply brush them into place or use either a brow pencil to softly define, or a clear brow gel.
  5. For your lips, apply either a neutral shade or clear gloss.
  6. Finally, for that extra level of glow, apply a highlighter along the top of your cheekbones, on your brow bone, the tip of your nose and the inner corner of your eyes.

Pro tip: If you love the bronzed, beach look but don’t love the dry, windswept hair that comes with spending a day at the beach, then our intense pack is perfect for restoring your hair to it’s natural, soft state!

Look Two: The smokey-eye


Smoldering and intense, a dark smokey-eye look is perfect for a night out, or when you want to make an impression! The key to applying the perfect smokey-eye - blend, blend, blend!

How to achieve a smokey-eye look:

  1. Start by applying a base eyeshadow in a neutral tone, so your shadow and liner can blend in properly to the base.
  2. Apply a medium tone shade along your eyeshadow crease, to create depth. If you want a really smokey-eye look, use a darker, grey tone here. If you’re wanting it to be slightly more subtle you can use a more neutral brown tone.
  3. Next, apply a pencil liner along your top and bottom lash line, making sure not to make the line too thick. Then, use either a small eyeshadow brush or blending brush to soften and blend this line. You can also use your fingertips too - just be careful of leaving any black marks on your face!
  4. Next, blend in a black eyeshadow along the line and corner of your eyes. Less is more when using product, remember you can always start light and build up intensity. And don’t forget - blend, blend, blend!
  5. Finally, apply mascara to make that smokey eye pop!

Pro tip: to avoid getting black fleck marks from your shadow on your face, start with your eye makeup first and then apply your foundation!

Look Three: Classic Red Lip


The classic red lip is one makeup look which will never go out of style, and it’s perfect for when you want to make a powerful statement. The key is to choosing a tone of red which suits your coloring, and then keeping the rest of your makeup subtle to really let your lips pop!

How to apply a classic red lip

  1. Before you start, make sure your lips look their best by gently exfoliating with a lip scrub, as bold and darker lipsticks can highlight any dryness in your lips.
  2. Define your lips by applying a lip liner in a similar shade to the lipstick you’ll be applying. This step is so important for red shades especially, as it will stop the lipstick from running and help keep it in place for longer. You can also apply the lip liner all across your lips to help create a long lasting base.
  3. Finally, apply your lipstick and get ready to take on the day (or night!).

Look Four: Dramatic Cats Eye


Cat eyeliner is a look which many think is hard to master, but we promise it’s not. The perfect look for every day or a night out too, just like a red lip this is one makeup look we think will never go out of style! The key to perfecting the winged liner look is finding a great liquid eyeliner which glides on smoothly.

How to apply winged eyeliner

  1. Start by applying your eyeshadow. A powder eyeshadow base will also help to keep the liner in place, and stop it running.
  2. Start by drawing a flick upwards from the outer corner of your eye, this line can be as long or short as you want. Remember, you might need to refine the line, so start by making it shorter rather than longer.
  3. Next, draw a line as close to the lashes as possible. Keep the line as thin as you can, as a thicker line will also make your eyes look smaller (the opposite of what this look is trying to achieve). There’s also no need to line from the inside corner, you can start from the middle of your eyelid.
  4. Finally, draw a line connecting the outer flick down to the lash line, and fill in the space in between.
  5. Finish by applying mascara or lashes!

Pro tip: a sleek eye goes perfectly with gorgeous, sleek hair! Before applying this look, we recommend treating yo’ self to the natural hair mask pack, for smooth, sexy hair!

Look Five: Contour Queen


Contouring is not just for the Kardashians and Instagram models of the world, we promise anyone can do it! You don’t need a huge range of products for this look either, either a foundation or powder which are both a few shades lighter and then darker than your current shade. Just like the smokey eye look, the key to not looking like a clown is to (you guessed it) blend, blend, blend!!

How to contour your face

  1. Start by applying your usual foundation or powder. Remember, if you only use a foundation, then stick to cream based contour products. If you use a powder, or finish with a powder, then apply powder based contour products. This will ensure the products will blend properly into your base, to create an airbrushed finish
  2. Next, take the darker shade and apply to the areas of your face you wish to deepen. This can be a simple as sweeping under your cheekbones, as you usually would with bronzer, or you can also sweep along the sides of your face (to help your face appear thinner) and subtly along your nose
  3. Then, apply the lighter shade to the areas you wish to bring forward. This is is usually under the eye, along the top of your nose, your forehead, your chin, and under your cheekbones.
  4. Blend! You can either use a brush, a beauty blending sponge or your fingers (make sure they’re totally clean if so) to make sure you full blend in both tones.
  5. Finally, apply your usual makeup and you’re ready to go!

No matter which makeup look you go for, we recommend you start with a clean, primed and moisturized face.  And remember, finish your look with amazing hair.  For nourished hair we have you covered and ordering is super easy, just click here.  Go forth and play with these makeup looks!




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