Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashionista

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Holidays 2020: Inspiration For Gifts For The Fashionista 


If you have that one friend who is a total fashion connoisseur, shopping for the perfect holiday gift can be quite a challenge. We all want to impress our friends and family with giftworthy finds that will be met with genuine delight. 

Shopping for a fashionista can be daunting! Will your gift hit the mark, or will she smile and stick it in the back of her closet to collect dust? As fun as it is, holiday shopping can be hard!

Not to worry, our list of gifts for your favourite fashionista is filled with beautiful finds that are sure to delight her. You’ll look like a style maven, and she’ll be singing your praises all the way past New Year’s. Honestly, what could be better than that?

Here’s an insider tip: Stick mainly with accessories rather than clothes. For beginners, accessories are far easier to nail. Plus, you don’t even need to know her size!

For The Fit Fashionista

Customized Apple Watch Band

A fashionista appreciates customization and special touches. In today’s high tech world, Apple watches are just about everywhere. But the stock band it comes with leaves something to be desired for stylish chicas. Upgrade her Apple watch with one of these pretty, fashion-forward bands from The Ultimate Cuff.

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle

The fitness fashionista is all about their health and being fit, but they want to do it stylishly.  Introducing the Fitbit Flex 2 which monitors sleep and daily activity then sends it your phone (we know, amazing!).  Not only functional, but how stylish is it?  She'll look amazing off-duty as well as at the gym or out walking in the park.  Grab one for your fitness fashionista from Fitbit for less than $60. 

For The House-Proud Fashionista

Fashion Coffee Table Book

If your fashionista is into photography or if she’s an Instagram influencer in the making, a vogue-ish coffee table book is sure to inspire. Plus, she can use the book as part of her coffee table spread for those perfectly curated decor pics she always posts. Stunning editorial photography is a must if you want to make a fashionista truly swoon. Look at the hashtags she follows on Instagram or check out her Pinterest board to get a sense of the fashion and photo style that inspires her most to really hit it out of the park. This one from photographer Peter Lindbergh features stunning photography and high-fashion collaborators like Anna Wintour and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Candles And Room Spray

OK, hear us out. We know candle gift sets can seem a bit passé, but not when you take the recipient’s interests to heart. For the fashionista, many designers and high-end department stores make glam candles with luxe scents that will make her feel like she’s living in Vogue headquarters. The personal touch will show you too stock of her interest in fashion, and she’ll naturally assume you spent a pretty penny for the premium candles. (Don’t worry, many are under $50, like this one from Barney’s: $39.00 Barneys New York Tuberose Bloom) So if you’re not confident buying clothes for your gal, you can still take the easy way out while still looking like you put some thought into it. Not into candles? Room spray makes a divine gift. Choose a luxurious scent for your favorite fashionista. Try one that comes in glamorous product packaging — holographic foils, special coatings, or even just a pretty box design can really make your gift sparkle. 

For The Jewellery Junkie

Statement necklace

For the girl who loves to make a statement and loves a neckline that plunges, this XO necklace is the perfect gift.  It comes in three colors - white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.  A welcome addition to any jewelry box, it also has the added bonus of empowering females - yes, you read that right!  10% of the profit from each sale is donated to charities helping to empower women.  Give an awesome gift and give back to the world by grabbing one from Adornia

Funky Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewellery is the ultimate gift for any fashion guru. Whether the style is eclectic or timeless, it shows you put a lot of care and time into scouting the stores for a unique gift (in person, no less!) rather than making a last minute grab from Myer’s, Macy’s, or...gasp! Amazon. (No judgment here, we’ve all done it. That two-day shipping really comes in handy when you forgot to buy a gift for your mum-in-law.)

So, there you go.  Some inspiration for gifts to place under the tree of the fashionista in your world.  Remember, it's the thought that counts, but showing you know their lifestyle and taste will go a long way.  Happy holidays! 


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