Most Popular Beauty Tools: 2020

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Most Popular Beauty Tools 2020 


Beauty junkies, unite! If you can’t help but get super excited about the latest beauty tools, this list is for you. Let’s discuss the most popular beauty tools making waves in 2020. Here are some of the year’s top picks:

Jade Roller


Possibly the most beautiful beauty tool of 2019 is the jade roller. Simply roll the device over skin to improve circulation and reduce undereye puffiness. It is even said to help with serum absorption. Simply apply serum and massage it into skin with your roller. It’s so relaxing, you’ll think you’re at the spa. The massaging action feels incredible.

Our tip: Store your roller in the freezer for a refreshing, cool touch — perfect for waking your skin up first thing in the morning.

Eyebrow Stamper


The idea is ingenious, if a little funky. No more fussing with pencils, gels, powders, and brow brushes. You’d practically need to be an artist to get brows looking full yet natural a la Cara Delevingne. With this beauty device, things are much simpler. Just press for perfect arches! Some women love it, while others say the idea could be improved. For less than $10, you can judge for yourself. Happy stamping!

Our tip: look for a color that closely matches the natural shade of your brows for the most natural look. 

Magnetic False Lashes


This is a brilliant invention if we’ve ever seen one. Simply apply the first set of falsies above your natural eyelashes, then place the second set on the underside. They click together with a gentle magnetising action to achieve lush, fully fanned lashes. Best of all, there’s no messy glue to fuss with, no chemical irritation for those with eye sensitivity, and they won’t pull out your natural lashes upon removal. So far, things are sounding great. Theoretically, application should be fast and easy, right? Not so fast. Online reviews for the latest magnetic falsies are mixed. Apparently, they’re hard to apply. The jury is still out on magnetic lashes for the time being, but we hope someone perfects the idea soon because it sounds really promising. So far, One Two Magnetic Eyelashes are leading the pack with good online reviews. Just be prepared for a little trial and error the first few times you attempt this look. 

Our tip: Be patient, this will take some time to perfect so you'll need to allow some time while getting ready to allow for trial and error - but the results are worth it! 

Microneedling Derma Rollers


The microneedling trend, aka Collagen Induction Therapy, has made some serious waves of late. Short needles (0.2mm) produce virtually no pain and improve skin tone and circulation, while longer needles (1mm) are said to break up old scar tissue and improve collagen production. For deep scarring, you’ll need longer needles (1.25” or above), but in this case, you should see a dermatologist that specializes in cosmetic skin issues. Needles longer than that are not safe for home use and a skilled derm may offer other treatment options for deep scars. That said, for improvement of mild skin issues, home needling is easy and effective when performed properly.

Our tip: Be warned, not all derma rollers are created equal — There are many cheap and unsafe ones on the market. Gin Amber Beauty makes high-quality, professional derma rollers in a variety of sizes. 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


This is the priciest beauty tool on our list, ringing in at $400. That said, Dyson is a trusted brand that’s been around a long time, albeit not in the beauty market! This blow dryer promises to cut your dry time and keep hair shiny and healthy. It has three speed settings, four heat settings, and a “smart thermometer that helps protect the hair from damage”. Plus, it looks super cool, and that counts for something if you want a beautiful addition to your vanity. The unique shape is certainly eye catching. Dyson has wowed us once again with stunning design. 

Our tip: Prepare your hair by treating it regularly with the Somerfield Beauty 30 Day Restore Kit

Beauty Blender Cleaner


Beauty blenders were all the rage in 2018. Nearly every makeup pro on YouTube swears by them. The problem? Keeping them clean. Thanks to’s innovative little gadget, you can help your favourite makeup blender looking like new. It’s basically a mini washboard for your beauty blender. How cute! Plus, keeping your beauty tools sanitary is essential to avoiding breakouts. When clean, makeup sponges pick up the right amount of product and spread it over skin more evenly. We’re happy someone finally addressed this!

Our tip: take some time out to clean your makeup blender at least every couple of months! 

Now, that's the gadgets covered.  Looking for makeup style inspo? Look no further than our Classic Makeup Looks blog.  Stay beautiful! 

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