Spring/Summer 2019/20 Bridal Trends

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Spring/Summer Trends For Brides

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Peak wedding season is here, and this year’s bridal trends are having their moment to shine. This spring and summer’s bridal looks give a nod to tradition while looking ahead to the future of beauty. In the most fashion-forward circles, you’ll be seeing less of those super traditional dresses of the past. 

Instead, wedding designers this year are favouring bold cuts, unexpected details and beautiful washes of colour. And while you can’t go wrong with a classic up-do, bridal hair this seas has a decidedly modern take that’s more relaxed than ever before. 

Bridal Gown Inspiration


You want to look the most beautiful you've ever looked on your wedding day right?  While there's so much to choose - dress, hairstyle, flowers, makeup - the best place to start is with the gown! Let's face it, it is the first thing people will notice as you walk down the aisle.   Here is a look at a few of spring and summer’s most coveted bridal gown trends. 

Colourful Gowns

Image: Eva Lendel

Who says you have to wear bridal white on your wedding day? White, ivory and cream dresses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but this spring and summer you’ll notice a willingness to experiment in full colour. From rosé pink to soft gold fabric, pastel hues and everything in between, 2018/19 is all about walking down the aisle in style. Blush pink is this year’s most popular non-white wedding gown colour.  

Image: weddinginspirasi.com

If you’re not ready to dive into a world of full-on colour just yet, champagne dresses in luxe fabrics make a unique statement without veering too far from tradition. Or you can try a nude fabric topped with white lace or a sheer mesh overlay, letting the unexpected colour peek through just a touch for an ethereal, barely-there look.

 Lace Gowns

Image: graceloveslace.com

Lace may seem like a traditional choice, but allover lace paired with this year’s slim silhouettes are truly stunning. A chic, streamlined fit show off your curves while intricate lacework while have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing as you make your entrance. Wedding dresses leaned less conservative in recent years, some bordering on risqué with sheer panels, cutouts and bustier-style tops. The lace gown is the antithesis of that. Even the most covered-up styles, like mock-neck wedding gowns, can be striking in beauty thanks to elegant lace. 

Image: weddinginspirasi.com

But you don’t have to be ultra conservative to wear lace. If you want your dress to fall somewhere between sexy and conservative, a sweetheart style top with sheer lace covering the upper part of your chest is the perfect happy medium. 

Minimalist Gowns

Image: trendyweddingideasblog.com

With more and more couples opting for courthouse nuptials, designers have taken note. If you’ll wed at your local registry office, it’s will still be a joyous occasion worthy of celebrating in style. No need for a ball gown, of course. Simply make your way downtown in a sleek, minimalist dress. Clean lines, simple fabrics, and precision tailoring will make you look elegant and ladylike while feeling appropriate for the setting. 

Open-back Gowns

Image: stylemepretty.com

A wedding dress with an open back strikes the perfect balance between conservatism and sexiness that appeals to today’s modern brides. Covered up in the front, things get spicier when the bride turns around, revealing a tasteful bit of skin in an unexpected way. An adhesive bra will be needed to pull off this look, but it’s so worth it for this truly gorgeous style. 

Embroidery & Applique

Image: stylemepretty.com

Today’s wedding dresses are getting three-dimensional with bold embroidery, embellishments and stunning appliqués. These features give visual interest to even the most streamlined dresses. Floral elements are a popular choice, and can make your dress stand apart from others. 

Bridal Hair Inspiration

Image: theimageisfound.com

So, now you have some inspiration for the gown.  Over to the hair, bridal trends are changing where it comes to hair and the traditional up-do has gone out the window for a more minimalist approach to wedding hair.  Read on for some inspiration how to style your hair for the biggest day of your life. 

Hair Embellishments

Image: paulinaweddings.com

Who doesn't love beautiful flowers?  Adding some flowers to your hair is a romantic way to make your wedding look even more memorable. Flower crowns grew increasingly popular throughout 2018, and the look is still going strong heading into summer 2019. If that idea comes across as too trendy for your liking, weaving small, dainty flowers into your updo can make a beautiful statement. 

Relaxed Hairstyle

Image: modwedding.com

As bridal style becomes more relaxed than ever before, it’s no surprise to see easygoing wedding hair having its moment. Effortless ringlets, loose waves, messy buns and perfectly imperfect braids contrast formalwear perfectly. This look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with celebs and royalty (here’s looking at you, Meghan Markle!) embracing undone wedding hair. 

Of course, no matter whether you choose to embellish your hair or choose a more relaxed style, to look highlight your style your hair should be in amazing condition.  In the leadup to the wedding, we recommend our 30 Day Hair Restore or 30 Day Restore Deluxe to make sure your hair is in tip top condition and will shine on your big day!  

We're sure you've got some ideas now to consider.  Of course, we know there is so much more to consider for the look of your big day, including makeup.  If you're looking for some wedding makeup inspiration you can't go past our recent article on the top 5 classic makeup looks for inspiration.  

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