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Five Best Winter Makeup Trends for 2020/21


Ah, winter. Chunky knits, tall boots, and delicious seasonal teas are enough to get anyone excited for the cooler temps. With the season fast approaching, you may be wondering what beauty trends are in store for us this year. ‘Tis the season to refresh your makeup routine with all the latest looks that will be everywhere for Winter. 

 Here is a roundup of some of the freshest makeup styles this season.

Subtle Contour


Minimalist makeup lovers, rejoice! Low key makeup is making a major comeback. Over the last few years, the bold contour trend has been on fire. But many of us have had our fill. This season, natural contour is the more favorable style. Frankly, we’re a bit relieved! Edgy contour was hard to nail just right and it was all a bit time-consuming.

To achieve this look, you can use the same contour principles that you’ve pretty much perfected by now, but apply with a lighter hand. This method for contouring is way easier to blend and looks effortless, which is perfect for this winter’s love affair with natural beauty. 

For subtle contour, stay within 1-2 shades of your complexion, go easy on the product, and blend well. No sharp lines or creases, thanks. The result is natural looking shadows that add definition to your features without looking overly made-up. Who knew you could contour while still looking low key? Turns out, it is possible and looks super beautiful. We’re loving this trend!

Less-is-more Makeup


While we’re talking about low key beauty, let’s discuss bare-faced makeup. The “no-makeup makeup” look has been trending all year, but this winter takes ultimate minimalism a step further. Fresh-faced beauty is the name of the game this year. 

You’ll need to begin with a clean canvas, so now is the time to tidy up your skincare routine. Smooth, even-toned, moisturized skin has a natural glow that allows you to skip foundation entirely. To boost skin’s luminosity, drink plenty of water, keep skin hydrated with a light moisturizer (yes, even if you suffer from oily skin!), and perform a daily facial massage to improve skin tone and circulation. 

If you suffer from facial redness or rosacea, look for skincare treatments with azelaic acid. (Hint: The Ordinary’s Azelaic Acid is a great pick!) 



If you can’t bear to go without coverage, a tinted moisturiser and a few dots of stick concealer should do the trick. Face powders also offer sheer coverage. Physician’s Formula has a great powder foundation with buildable shades. A light dusting can make skin look more even in a pinch, and it’s still subtle enough to pass for the no-makeup look. 


If you’ve ever wondered how to do the “no makeup-makeup” look, the secret is pretty simple. Focus on playing up a few features with natural hues. Think nude lip liner, softly sculpted brows, and a light coat of mascara. Oh, and don’t forget plenty of clear lip gloss or balm. It will make you look understated yet totally polished. 

Bold Lips


In other winter beauty news, dark, bold lips are trending. Obviously, this won’t work for your low-maintenance makeup days, but don’t be shy to pull off a deep crimson lip from time to time. If you’re cool toned, choose a lip color with berry tones. Warm skin can handle lipstick with undertones of peach and orange. Matte lips trended throughout 2018, and the look is still going strong. 

Shimmering Body Makeup


Iridescent shimmer was all over the runways recently, and we’re in love with the fine dusting of sparkle. Today’s look is more refined than the supersize sparkles of the past. Use a dedicated makeup brush to sweep a little shimmer on your cheekbones and décolleté. If you’re not into this eye-catching look, give our next beauty tip a try!

Shimmery Eye Shadow


All that glitters is gold...and this winter, soft browns and mauves are in, too. A new eyeshadow palette can get you out of a style rut and liven up your look without feeling extreme. Mix and match different shades of brown, taupe, and dusty rose this winter. The front-runners this season are eye shadow compacts with fine shimmer to make your eyes sparkle. 

We can’t wait to experiment with these gorgeous beauty trends. Which ones will you try?

Looking for some tips on taking care of your skin this winter? look no further than our fall and winter beauty survival tips article with a heap of tips for keeping your skin, hair and lips in tip-top condition to survive the colder months. 


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